Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I officially suck

at this whole blogging thing!!! We have been pretty busy lately (that's total crap, but I'll use it!). We have two kids... our lives will always be crazy and busy!! There have been some big things going on in our life lately though!!

1. We have paid off quite a bit of debt!! Hooray!!! Thank you tax return!!
2. Preston is back!!! :) We have really missed him! Kary wouldn't let him go anywhere in the house with out her!! She loves her Uncle Preston!!

3. The girls are doing gymnastics. And boy do they love it!!!

4. Wes took me on an incredible date!! :)
He took the day off of work (I had no idea) and put a card, candy, and gift cards to get my nails done, and one to get an outfit for out DATE!!! It was a huge surprise! I mean, we had sitters for the girls, but I thought we would just hang at home (Kary had her 1st sleepover at Porter's!!)! This is the picture of the smokin' hot dress I got!! After I got all dolled up, we went and ate at the Cheesecake Factory! Yummy!!! I have such a sweet husband (when he wants to be!)! I was not expecting such a big night! I even got flowers! :)
**Warning: Please avoid looking directly at my very white legs... you might go blind!!**