Friday, November 27, 2009


There was a really good deal on this kid scooter that I have really wanted to get Kary.. It was 50% at Toys R Us, and it was going on sale at midnight! It was 11:30pm, so Wes said, since I was still up I should at least go down and see if they still had any! So, I get to Toy R Us... The line was wrapped around to the back of the store, and then it started coming back towards the front! IT WAS INSANE! It was my first ever Black Friday shopping experience...

We finally make it in the store, and it's set up like a race track... The scooters sold out within minutes, but there was this ONE lonely Leapster on the ground. So, I snagged it up- just in case I wanted it! It was half off! I texted Wes to see what he thought, and he said it was a good deal, and the girls love playing Paul's, so I waited in line... We moved 20 feet in about 30 minutes... Then, they circled us around the bike section WHICH IS IN THE VERY BACK CORNER OF THE STORE! People kept cutting the line and they kept merging lines into ours! The workers back there were not very helpful.

Behind me about 10 people was an old friend from church, Tim Grimm. He was getting the Leapster for his son too! There was a woman holding a Leapster and Leapster 2 and she put down the Leapster, so he grabbed it really quick, because there were no more! They are going to Holland to visit Tim's parents after Christmas, so Tim and his wife want Noah (who is almost 4) to have something to do on the flight! They have a portable DVD player too!

I REALLY had to go to the bathroom, and we had only moved about 10 feet.. So, I handed the Leapster to Tim, and asked him if he would hold it while I ran to pee! He asked how I knew he wouldn't just take it... I was like whatever and walked off! He is a great guy and if he had, I would have told his dad!! :) Just getting to the bathroom was nuts! By the time I got back, Tim moved....... drum roll please.... TWO FEET! That is how slow the line was going!

Well, Tim's wife, Anna, was somewhere in the store, but she forgot her phone at home, so we couldn't get ahold of her.. We were debating whether or not to leave the line and go find her, because she was looking at stuff up at the front. While we were still debating this, she borrowed a phone from a worker and called Tim to tell him to come up to the front to get in line with her. So, I joined them too! THANK YOU!

While we were in the store, there was a Code Adam... missing child.. It turns out, she was right behind Anna! She grabbed her hand and pushed her way through yelling she had the missing girl. People yelled at her saying she was a liar and it wasn't true! SERIOUSLY!? Would people fake a missing child to cut in line?! But, she stood at the front watching for Tim that whole time we were in the back of the store, so she asked the lady working if she called him, if he could join her up in line. She said YES! Whoo hoo! We were probably in line for another 15 minutes or so before we got check out! AWESOME! (Wes couldn't believe that people were yelling at her! He was like, I would have gone back there and chewed them out!)

I think it was around 2am when I got home... I was there for a little over 2 hours and most of that time was standing in the back of the store in the check out line... WOW! I don't know if I'll ever brave it again, but if I do, I have learned some good lessons! So, that was my crazy initiation into Black Friday! THANK YOU TIM AND ANNA FOR MAKING IT BETTER!!!


We had a great Thanksgiving this year! Katrina was with Brittney this year, so it was a bummer not to have her around, but she will be with us next year! Wes woke up and headed to Becca and Miles' house to help Miles smoke a turkey (Patty and Becca made one too)! YUM! Kary and I stopped at my parent's house to see them before we went our separate ways for Thanksgiving!

Kary and I made green bean casserole (it's my favorite Thanksgiving food, so I had to make it!)! I love it! Then, we went to Becca and Miles'. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast on the trampoline, throwing leaves in the air, and running around being kids! I got a couple great shots of Paul, Kary, and Emily actually STANDING STILL! When does that ever happen?!?

The food was DELICIOUS! We had tons and tons of food! Nana, Matt, Amanda, Jessey, Shawn, Becca, Miles, Patty, Sam, Paul, Emily, Kary, Wes and I were there and there are still a lot of leftovers! I can't wait to eat some!

We played Beatles Rock Band! It was so fun! It was hilarious when Shawn thought he scored really well on bass, when really, he was watching the wrong line, and scored 25%! It's impressive that he got any when he wasn't even watching the right line! :) He was a good sport about being made fun of though! Welcome to the family, Shawn! It was a great night!

Thank you everyone for making it a great Thanksgiving!

What I am thankful for!

I am thankful for many thing this year. I didn't want to get on here everyday and post what I am thankful for each day, so I figured I would just post a big blog about all the things I am thankful for!
1. Jesus died on the cross to save a sinner like me- Now, that is love!
2. Our service men and women! Thank you for everything you do to make sure we are free!
3. We are all healthy.
4. Katrina is doing really well in home school.
5. Wes has a job with GREAT benefits.
6. Katrina's medical stuff is pretty low key now.. No big concerns; just taking her shot every night.
7. I get to stay at home with the girls and Porty!
8. My life is pretty stress free (except for the craziness that was Black Friday- I will make a separate post about that!).
9. My family is awesome! (that includes my in-laws too!)
10. Rock Band is tons of fun!
11. Gita didn't get sold or stolen in Africa! :) She weighs 95 lbs... she would have been easy to grab!
12. Gita is coming to visit next week!!!
13. Katrina and her great personality. She always adds spice to our day! She is a ball of fire, and can come up with the funniest one liners! She also has an amazing memory!
14. It's embarrassing when it is happening, but kinda funny later.. Katrina's lack of tact. She tells people exactly what she is thinking! She doesn't think about it first at all! For example: Telling the Costco worker she should get a new job, asking a women at church if she was pregnant (she wasn't), telling a man she liked his fat belly, etc!
15. Kary and how she loves learning. She loves to do Katrina's school with her, and loves to learn letters. I think she took after her daddy! She is going to be a smart one. Wes was so proud of her because she built this tall tower all by herself!

16. Kary's obsession with Christmas this year! She squeals every time we see Christmas lights or decorations (and it's only November!).
17. We have a roof over our heads.
18. We don't live in an apartment! Our neighbors would think we had a herd of elephant running through our house!
19. Our families live close. That will be the hardest thing if Wes gets into dental school... Family won't be within a 15 minute drive!
20. Brittney and I get along really well.
21. I have found a good Bible study at church.
22. The kids all love AWANA.

23. Spending time with people I love.
24. I have a camera to take pictures of the kids with! Thank you Becca and Miles.
25. We have two cars that run!
26. Leftover Thanksgiving dinner! :) Can't wait to eat it later!

So, there is a list of things I am thankful for, for each day of this month (until Thanksgiving)!

Friday, November 20, 2009


So, last night, Brittney and I went to see the midnight showing of NEW MOON for her birthday! I was SO excited! We ate dinner at my house, then left the girls with Mema until Wes got home from work. We wanted to make sure we got there early in case there was a line! We got there at about 8pm... parked in a super small parking garage (we were at Edwards in BODO), and had some coffee (I had my lovely soy chai tea)!

There were a few lines, so we asked a man working there where we were supposed to go... He said we could pay $5 and go watch Twilight, and then just stay in that theater for New Moon! SCORE! We were really excited, because we were there anyways, so it was either wait in the theater and get great seats for both movies, or wait in line that whole time and risk getting crappy seats! There was ONE guy in our whole theater for Twilight and maybe five for New Moon! There were a few crazy ladies screaming before the movie (fighting over Jacob vs. Edward)... And, not even joking, they were in their 50's. It was pretty funny! I think they had a little too much wine before they came in!! :)

Anyways, New Moon was AWESOME!!! It was my least favorite book, but they did a great job on the movie. The acting has improved since Twilight, they keep pretty close to the story line, and with the added budget for this one, it was just better!! Oh, and Taylor Lautner is RIPPED! Yes, I know he is only 17, but he got buff!

Leaving the theater was nuts though! It took us THIRTY minutes to get out of the parking garage! AH! And, this lady stood right in front of my car, so her friends could pull out, cutting of this other person trying to get out! SO ANNOYING!

So, it was a really fun night! I got home at 3:15am... and had to be up four hours later! Man, am I tired! I am off to bed!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR ECLIPSE TO COME OUT NOW!! :) I told Becca she should come to the opening of it with us!! :) I wonder if they will play Twilight or New Moon beforehand!?!? Even though the traffic sucked, I might stick with Edwards in BODO... all the theaters were used for New Moon/Twilight, so we got to pick whatever theater we wanted! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009


So, I am sitting in the spare room (I should be organizing..), listening to Wes and some friends play Rock Band 2. I figured I would post some more Halloween pictures. The night before Halloween, we went to the Annual Penrod Gingerbread House and Pumpkin Carving Party! My camera battery died, so you can go to to look at those pictures!

Wes made an AMAZING cake... He's the new Martha Stewart or something! On Halloween, we had Wes' family over for pizza and to watch Florida and Boise State win some football games! Then, off to Trick-Or-Treating at Nana and Papa's.. We only went to 5 houses (3 of which were family!), but they thought it was tons of fun!

Wes frosting his yummy cake. It was a triple layer cake, each layer a different flavor! Red Velvet, Devil's Food, and French Vanilla! OVER ACHIEVER!!! :) With chocolate frosting in between the layers and vanilla on the rest. It was DELICIOUS!!!

This is the finished cake!!


Her face paint got all smudged, but she was a perfect puppy!! :)
Any time I told her something, I had to address her as "Puppy!!"

Booboo and Daddy! She was a cute little cowgirl!

Papa took them Trick-Or-Treating at the neighbor's houses! :)

Trying out the blogging life!

So, here I am, checking out the blogosphere! We'll see how it goes! Most recently, we have had a few exciting things happen to our family...

1. We are homeschooling Katrina. We were having big issues with her teacher, and we tried helping her with how to work with Katrina (because we understand her) and she ignored them. They weren't really giving her any one on one help, which is what she needs, and even occupational therapy became a group thing... In kindergarten aren't kids supposed to love going to school? Not Katrina, she would beg us to let her stay home! :( So, after she came home sobbing, we decided enough was enough! We are homeschooling with the K12 program. All her books just got here yesterday, and I am very excited to start going through them. We have been doing phonics and a little history for the last week because they had pages online we could print!

It's amazing how much she is already learning... I mean, we are learning about the continents for goodness sake! I got her desk all set up and Patty is coming over this weekend to help me organize all of her books! Sam is doing K12 too, so she is a great help!

2. The girls officially have BUNK BEDS!! They aren't just side by side anymore... they are bunked! We take turns every two days, and it seems to be working well. The bottom bunk is called "The Cave" so they think it's pretty awesome!

3. We have a new addition to the family... No, it's not a baby... it's ROCK BAND 2! Wes was so excited! It's actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I am amazing at the drums... until I get to medium and they throw in the bass drum. I can't push the thing with my foot at the same time I'm drumming away. I am apparently not coordinated enough!!

So, I'll end with a picture of the girls from Halloween! They are getting so big!! Katrina was a puppy and Kary was Jessie from Toy Story (her favorite movie!). She had lost her hat for the picture!!