Monday, August 23, 2010

Cutest soccer player ever!!

Katrina started soccer practice tonight.. She is ADORABLE!!! Here are a few pictures!!

Trying to head butt the ball!

Yay team!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where did the teeth go?!?!

So, Katrina is a little toothless wonder! :) She has lost SIX teeth!! Here are the stories of teeth #5 and #6...

Tooth #5 (8-2-10)... This tooth was DISGUSTING!!! I mean, it was so loose, that the BACK of the tooth is what you could see when she smiled! And, she ate like that! It kinda freaked me out! Lol.. I could just imagine how it felt! Well, we were going to Roaring Springs, and I said hopefully she wouldn't lose it in a pool... She didn't want that, so she went after that tooth! Wiggled, twisted, pulled, you name it! She tried using a flosser like one of her bottom ones, but couldn't figure out how to do it on a top tooth. Finally, after she had messed with it for awhile, I said "let me see how wiggle it is." It was CRAZY wiggly.. I told her I needed a piece of toilet paper to dry it off and see how lose it was.. I pulled it right out! It took her a second to realize her tooth was gone!!! She was relieved she wouldn't lose it in the water! The tooth fairy came and left her fairy dust all over the bedroom! She loved it! Kary went nuts when she saw it! She started screaming! :)

You can kinda see how the back of her tooth is showing on the front! It was so twisted!

Yay!!! Her tooth is gone!! She had to run and show Kary!

Her pouch for her tooth covered in fairy dust!! It was also around the bedroom!

We love the tooth fairy!

Tooth #6 (8-20-10)... It was getting crazy loose... Her other front tooth.. Well, Brittney came to pick Katrina up to go camping and they were driving away and she called me to tell me something funny Katrina said about Wes (him being old.. haha) and she noticed how loose her tooth was! I had told Katrina maybe she would lose it up camping.. But, during the day it got much looser and later Friday afternoon, Katrina called to say she lost the tooth!! Yay!!! Brittney barely even pulled on it and it fell out! Kary was very excited for her sissy and had to talk to her! It's really cute to see them interact, even though they hadn't seen each other in only a few hours, they were both like I miss you sissy! :) We haven't seen her toothless smile yet, but we will today, and Kary can't wait!! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pledge of Allegiance!

We taught Kary the Pledge of Allegiance for the 4th of July! Katrina already knew it, so she helped teach her! :) So adorable!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy birthday, America!! And, Wesley!!

We have tons of birthdays right in a row!! Kary's is June 29th, Wes' is July 9th, and Katrina's is July 12th! Within two weeks, everyone but me has a birthday! And, mine is in May, so it's not too far away from all of theirs! For Wes' birthday his mom made finger steaks for him and then we just had some friends over to celebrate.. It was a pretty quiet birthday! He is old though.. 27!! :) I love him so much!! Can't believe I have known him since he was 20!! It seems like forever!!

And, to backtrack... Yes, these posts are going to be totally out of order.. Here are some pictures from the 4th of July! We went to Wes' mom's house and celebrated with his family!

Kary, Paul, Katrina, and Emily.

And, my sister was in town for a few days!! YAY!!! I missed her so much!!! I love my sister!! She took my other sister and I to see Eclipse opening night, even though she had a crazy early flight the next morning!!!

Amelia and her nieces and nephews!

Amelia, me, and Chelsea! I love my sisters!

Happy Birthday, girls!! Kary is 4 and Katrina is 6!

Best friends!

I can't even believe my Booboo is 4!! Where has the time gone!?!? She is so smart and so sassy! I love her so much!! She woke up to daddy bringing her cake w/ a candle! She got to eat it in bed!! Then, daddy (and me) took her to gymnastics.. See a trend... she wanted dad to do all the fun stuff with her! :) Then, we went to Roaring Springs with Katrina, Amelia (she was in town for a couple days), and my dad! On the way home they got ice cream cones from McDonalds! :) It was a fun 4th birthday!

We also had a birthday party for both girls the weekend before Kary's birthday. My sister was in town, so she got to come! I think it was the first birthday party she went to! :) They made out like bandits with all the presents they got!!

And, don't get me started on Katrina's birthday... 6!?!?!?! WHAT?!!? How did she get so old!? I remember holding her as a tiny little baby! Now, she is hilarious and such a smarty pants! :) For her birthday dad (again with dad.. he is much cooler than me!) woke her up with Pumpkin Loaf (from starbucks... it's what she asked for!) and a candle! She got to eat it in bed too! It was so exciting! That night, Brittney threw her a party at Chuck E. Cheese. We went and had tons of fun! :)

Kary and Katrina both just need to stop growing up! They aren't babies anymore... they are big kids with big attitudes!!

Watching dad play video games before their birthday party! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh, what a good daddy!! :)

And, very late... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! The girls are very lucky to have Wes as a daddy!! :)

At the MK Nature Center!

It was very cute... Neither of them wanted to hold my hand...
They only wanted daddy!! :) He felt pretty cool!!

Emily's first sleepover!

Yesterday was Miles and Becca's 6th wedding anniversary! So, we had Emily overnight for the very first time!! Paul spent the night at Mema's house! Katrina was at Brittney's, so it was just Kary and Emily! WOW!! It was a wild night!! They screamed, laughed, giggled, danced, watched movies, ate LOTS of candy and snacks, and had a TON of fun!!! There were NO tears from Emily, and she even used panties the whole time!!! She and Kary are going to be best of friends...

Hyped up on sugar... and a little more sugar!!

They had on matching dresses!! At one point they had sweat pants under... but I didn't get a pic!

Matching pajama shirts!! :)

DANCING!!! They kept jumping up in the air too... Saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY... I'm not sure!! :)


Kids.. You've got to love them... Right?!?!

I have been really bad about blogging lately... My life seems to be much too hectic!! (Kami.. your post made me feel much better to know I'm not the only one who's kids drive them crazy and that I'm not the only one that feels like a bad mom sometimes!! You are a wonderful mom, just so you know!!) We are finishing Katrina's kindergarten year over the summer, so she still has IBI (intensive behavioral intervention... it sounds much worse than it is!!) and started occupational therapy again this week! She has a new therapist (a man) and he seems to really work well with her.. Maybe because she has a crush on him!! Haha.. We are signing her up for soccer this fall.. She is VERY excited. Wes and I are also going to have the girls do this Capital Classic Run.. I think that's what it's called. It's in October. I have always thought track or running of some sort would be good for Katrina. Give her a direction to run and she'll be off!! She is fast too!! They have a cross country team at the Y for kids 6+... We are thinking about it...

Kary is going to be doing gymnastics again.. She loves it! We are working on her little attitude before it starts up again. Man, she makes me CRAZY sometimes!! She yells and talks back ALL the time! She will scream my name if I don't answer 1 second after she asks something!! It's driving me NUTS!!! And, I've been watching World's Strictest Parents, and Wes and I don't want her to turn out like those wild kids!! She is sneaky and pretty manipulative... And she is only FOUR (well on Tues she will be)!!! I really don't know how to stop it...

People never believed how stubborn Kary is until they saw it in action!! Even when she was little, I would slap her hand for touching something she wasn't allowed to... She would just go right back to it... No matter how many times she got her little hand smacked, she just would do it again. That is how it is now with spankings... She must have a high pain tolerance or just her stubbornness shining through, because she doesn't care. It makes me crazy!! Katrina is not like that for the most part.. Sometimes she will get spanked more than once for something, or have time-out, but she doesn't like being in trouble and she can't lie to save her life, so it's something new we are dealing with with Kary. Why aren't children more alike?? The girls personalities are similar, but completely different at the same time!!! You would think the second kid would be easier since you've already figured the older one out... Nope... They have to switch it up and deal with things differently. Kids... you've got to love them!! :)

They are both amazing though... Aside from making me nuts sometimes.. Katrina has been doing so well with her growth hormones and school. She is growing like she is supposed to and no other problems have come up. And she is learning so much in school. And, Kary has been doing some school with Kat too.. She can even write her name! She is very proud!! Kary has become a complete Daddy's girl lately.. On her birthday, Wes is going to wake her up with a cupcake.. She already told me she wants him to get her up on her bday... She is the biggest grouch in the mornings.. But, the other day Wes got up with her and she was the happiest girl in the world!! It was SO annoying!!! Well, I'll leave you all with this random post.. Any advice on how to deal with a sneaky, 100% attitude, stubborn 4 year old is more than welcome!!! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Katrina has lost 4 teeth!!

I never posted pictures of teeth #3 or #4 being lost... So, here they are!!

Tooth #3, Katrina pulled all by herself!! It was amazing! Wes was trying to let her allow him to pull it, but she didn't want to... She went into the bathroom with one of those flosser picks, and just pulled her tooth right out!! Thankfully, Wes was in there with her, so he pulled the plugged... Otherwise, it would have gone down the drain!!! Such a brave girl! We took her to get Cold Stone for being so brave!! (3/14/10)

Tooth #4 came out all by itself!!! We were over at Becca's house and she was eating pretzels.. She bit down right on her wiggly tooth. It started bleeding, but she didn't want to have it pulled. It was SUPER loose!! All of a sudden, she looked down, and her tooth had fallen out on to her lap!!! She was so excited!!! (4/10/10)

This one I had to post too... Kary was so excited that her shirt matched daddy's!! Blue shirts with wings (collars) and stripes! She went into her bedroom and came out with these pants on... She told Wes, look daddy, we are twins now!! It was so cute! She changed so they would match!! She sure does love her daddy!!! :)

Our Mother's Day...

We went to breakfast at my parent's house for Mother's Day! My dad got these really cool things made for us... He traced all the kid's hands and then a guy he used to work with made these metal flowers out of their hands!! It was so cool!! I knew my dad was making them for my mom of all the grandkids, but I had no idea he was making them for Chels and I!!! I love my dad!!

Michael, Katrina, Porter, and Kary

Chels and the boys!

Nana and Kary.

Papa and Katrina. She is holding her flower.

My parents. My mom is holding the cool flower hand garden he got her!!

So awesome!

The girls both made me button jars with my mom!

For dinner, we went to Becca and Miles' house and had burgers on the grill! Yummy! We had a lot of fun!

Fun on the new swing!!

Rock Band!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

For Mother's Day, Wes layed roses and rose petals down the hallway and rose petals and Pojos Tokens all over the bed.. He got me a couple shirts from Old Navy, Reeses (my fav candy), these delicious pretzels from the mall... they are dipped in caramel and then chocolate! Yummy! He got me a gift card to Taco Time and a card that said:

I love you so much! I wanted to plan something thoughtful, so I went back to our beginning. Pojos tokens and $3 for pictures. Taco Time for dinner. Old Navy shirt to wear. And rose petals! :)
I can't wait for our retro-date night.

It was SOOO sweet!! I was shocked! When we first started dating, we went to Pojos and got our pictures taken in the little booth there! And, I always brought him Taco Time to work!! :) He made me feel very special.

This is what I walked inside to find! It was right as I walked in from the garage! I had been doing laundry at Patty's because our washing machine broke!! I was all annoyed he didn't come hang with me... but he was doing this!! So sweet!!

Roses down the hallway!

I love him!!

While We Were Out!!

So, this is long overdue, but here are some pictures from the redecoration Becca and Patty did for my birthday!! I love my newly decorated house!!