Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy birthday, America!! And, Wesley!!

We have tons of birthdays right in a row!! Kary's is June 29th, Wes' is July 9th, and Katrina's is July 12th! Within two weeks, everyone but me has a birthday! And, mine is in May, so it's not too far away from all of theirs! For Wes' birthday his mom made finger steaks for him and then we just had some friends over to celebrate.. It was a pretty quiet birthday! He is old though.. 27!! :) I love him so much!! Can't believe I have known him since he was 20!! It seems like forever!!

And, to backtrack... Yes, these posts are going to be totally out of order.. Here are some pictures from the 4th of July! We went to Wes' mom's house and celebrated with his family!

Kary, Paul, Katrina, and Emily.

And, my sister was in town for a few days!! YAY!!! I missed her so much!!! I love my sister!! She took my other sister and I to see Eclipse opening night, even though she had a crazy early flight the next morning!!!

Amelia and her nieces and nephews!

Amelia, me, and Chelsea! I love my sisters!

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