Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Craigslist People:

When you list an item in "Good Condition" I expect that it actually is!! Or, maybe that's just me! I know I am pickier than some... Like with clothes... Don't tell me they are in "Like New Condition" when they are covered in stains and holes!! Anyways... I was so excited that I found a cheap double jogging stroller, and the lady assured me it was in good condition and by the pictures it looked that way... I mean, it was a little dirty, but nothing a good cleaning couldn't fix! WRONG!! I drove 30 minutes for NOTHING!!!! The whole side of one of the seats had a HUGE rip through it, so I am sure that one of the girls would have fallen out!! I am not kidding... it was the length of the seat! Annoying!! If it's in bad condition, tell me, so I know whether or not it's even worth coming to look!!! So, the search is still on for a double jogging stroller... that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have started P90X again... Yes, again... I tried it awhile ago, but just lost motivation. My friend Alyssa and her husband started yesterday, so I started too!!! Now, I'll feel bad if I miss a work out! We are doing the same schedule, so we can work out together sometimes! We are going to measure ourselves on the wii fit, so we have an exact weight. Also, we are going to take pictures (I'm not sure if I'll post those... they are going to be scary!) and we are going to measure ourselves! I think doing it with someone else is going to make me stick with it better! And, WOW, do I hurt today!! Now, with posting this on here, the world will know that I'm doing it, so I can't wimp out! So, I'll be updating about my progress... Wish me luck!!


So, the girls have decided that they think the other is totally awesome (more so than usual)! It's really adorable. Kary told me she wanted to be Katrina for Halloween.. She also though it was "totally cool" if she got to wear Katrina's shirt! :) I asked Katrina if she wanted to sleep on the top bunk the other night, and she said "No, I'll let Kary have two turns because she is my best friend!" It was really sweet!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Guy, Guy, Guy...

Kary is OBSESSED with Guy Fieri!! I don't know why, but she loves him! She will sit and watch in amazement at his cooking show, while other shows she won't even watch for two seconds! So, one day, this is the kind of boy that she will be bringing home... I guess if he is a really great cook, I will be okay with that!! Haha..

So, our neighbor's house is still full of all of her stuff... For those of you who don't know, she was killed in a car accident back in December, as was her sister. Their dad died the same day too. I feel so bad for her friends and family. I met her best friend and she is really nice. I couldn't imagine being best friends with somebody for 30 years and then have them just be gone! She survived breast cancer, and yet she died in an accident. I know God is merciful, but I have a hard time seeing mercy in this situation. A kind man that came up on the accident, held her hand for an hour, while she was crying and asking for help (while they were trying to get her out of the car). If she was going to die, why not have her go without the pain, it seems like she has already been through so much. I'm sure the family is having a really hard time with all of it, because the mom is left to figure out what to do with her husband's stuff and her two daughter's stuff. It's just so sad. I couldn't imagine losing my entire family in one day. I wish there was more I could do for them! I have taken the garbage out a couple times, but I feel like that's not enough! I don't know what they are going to do with her stuff or her house, but I pray they can figure it all out and that it doesn't cause any fights or anything. I know a lot of time family fights over a person's stuff once they pass. Hopefully that won't be the case!

Now, off to deal with the gymnastics place... Wish me luck!!