Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Katrina has lost 4 teeth!!

I never posted pictures of teeth #3 or #4 being lost... So, here they are!!

Tooth #3, Katrina pulled all by herself!! It was amazing! Wes was trying to let her allow him to pull it, but she didn't want to... She went into the bathroom with one of those flosser picks, and just pulled her tooth right out!! Thankfully, Wes was in there with her, so he pulled the plugged... Otherwise, it would have gone down the drain!!! Such a brave girl! We took her to get Cold Stone for being so brave!! (3/14/10)

Tooth #4 came out all by itself!!! We were over at Becca's house and she was eating pretzels.. She bit down right on her wiggly tooth. It started bleeding, but she didn't want to have it pulled. It was SUPER loose!! All of a sudden, she looked down, and her tooth had fallen out on to her lap!!! She was so excited!!! (4/10/10)

This one I had to post too... Kary was so excited that her shirt matched daddy's!! Blue shirts with wings (collars) and stripes! She went into her bedroom and came out with these pants on... She told Wes, look daddy, we are twins now!! It was so cute! She changed so they would match!! She sure does love her daddy!!! :)

Our Mother's Day...

We went to breakfast at my parent's house for Mother's Day! My dad got these really cool things made for us... He traced all the kid's hands and then a guy he used to work with made these metal flowers out of their hands!! It was so cool!! I knew my dad was making them for my mom of all the grandkids, but I had no idea he was making them for Chels and I!!! I love my dad!!

Michael, Katrina, Porter, and Kary

Chels and the boys!

Nana and Kary.

Papa and Katrina. She is holding her flower.

My parents. My mom is holding the cool flower hand garden he got her!!

So awesome!

The girls both made me button jars with my mom!

For dinner, we went to Becca and Miles' house and had burgers on the grill! Yummy! We had a lot of fun!

Fun on the new swing!!

Rock Band!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

For Mother's Day, Wes layed roses and rose petals down the hallway and rose petals and Pojos Tokens all over the bed.. He got me a couple shirts from Old Navy, Reeses (my fav candy), these delicious pretzels from the mall... they are dipped in caramel and then chocolate! Yummy! He got me a gift card to Taco Time and a card that said:

I love you so much! I wanted to plan something thoughtful, so I went back to our beginning. Pojos tokens and $3 for pictures. Taco Time for dinner. Old Navy shirt to wear. And rose petals! :)
I can't wait for our retro-date night.

It was SOOO sweet!! I was shocked! When we first started dating, we went to Pojos and got our pictures taken in the little booth there! And, I always brought him Taco Time to work!! :) He made me feel very special.

This is what I walked inside to find! It was right as I walked in from the garage! I had been doing laundry at Patty's because our washing machine broke!! I was all annoyed he didn't come hang with me... but he was doing this!! So sweet!!

Roses down the hallway!

I love him!!

While We Were Out!!

So, this is long overdue, but here are some pictures from the redecoration Becca and Patty did for my birthday!! I love my newly decorated house!!