Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, girls!! Kary is 4 and Katrina is 6!

Best friends!

I can't even believe my Booboo is 4!! Where has the time gone!?!? She is so smart and so sassy! I love her so much!! She woke up to daddy bringing her cake w/ a candle! She got to eat it in bed!! Then, daddy (and me) took her to gymnastics.. See a trend... she wanted dad to do all the fun stuff with her! :) Then, we went to Roaring Springs with Katrina, Amelia (she was in town for a couple days), and my dad! On the way home they got ice cream cones from McDonalds! :) It was a fun 4th birthday!

We also had a birthday party for both girls the weekend before Kary's birthday. My sister was in town, so she got to come! I think it was the first birthday party she went to! :) They made out like bandits with all the presents they got!!

And, don't get me started on Katrina's birthday... 6!?!?!?! WHAT?!!? How did she get so old!? I remember holding her as a tiny little baby! Now, she is hilarious and such a smarty pants! :) For her birthday dad (again with dad.. he is much cooler than me!) woke her up with Pumpkin Loaf (from starbucks... it's what she asked for!) and a candle! She got to eat it in bed too! It was so exciting! That night, Brittney threw her a party at Chuck E. Cheese. We went and had tons of fun! :)

Kary and Katrina both just need to stop growing up! They aren't babies anymore... they are big kids with big attitudes!!

Watching dad play video games before their birthday party! :)

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